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Angels' Eyes Coastal Breeze Ear Rinse 118ml
Angels' Eyes Coastal Breeze Ear Rinse 118ml

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Angels’ Eyes Ear Rinse for dogs and cats is a veterinarian-formulated ear cleanser scientifically developed

to deodorize, gently clean, dry and acidify the ear canal. A build up of wax, dirt and other substances

can result in odors,excess scratching, itching and ultimately ear infections. Ear Rinse for dogs and cats

helps to safely clean your pet’s ears and avoid potential problems before they start.

Plus, you will love the pleasant sweet pea & vanilla scent!

Will not sting or burn and gentle enough for daily use. Ideal for dogs and cats of any age.




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* NEXGARD SPECTRA delivers the most complete protection from fleas, ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms available, in one monthly chew.
* NEXGARD SPECTRA is a tasty beef-flavoured chew that dogs love. At the end of a 3 month Australian field study, 100% of owners reported that NEXGARD SPECTRA was well received by their dog.
* NEXGARD SPECTRA is easy to give _ with or without food, whichever is most convenient for you.
* NEXGARD SPECTRA is not affected by bathing, swimming or shampooing _ unlike some sprays,
* Available in convenient 3-month and 6-month protection packs.
* NEXGARD SPECTRA kills fleas fast, helping you keep your dog healthy and your home flea-free
* Fleas are more than just a nuisance. They are irritating for your dog, they can cause skin problems and even transmit disease
* It's best to prevent fleas from the start, however if your dog does acquire them, regular use of NEXGARD SPECTRA kills fleas fast and prevents them from infesting your home.

* With one chew, NEXGARD SPECTRA helps protect your dog from deadly Paralysis ticks, Bush ticks and Brown Dog ticks for a full month
* The Paralysis tick causes the most concern as without protection, dogs can die from the effects of the toxin it injects
* In large numbers, Brown Dog ticks can also harm dogs with life-threatening anaemia and by transmitting other dangerous parasites such as Babesia

* NEXGARD SPECTRA, given monthly, protects your dog from the effects of heartworm (A heartworm test may be required prior to starting NEXGARD SPECTRA. Ask your vet for more information)
* Heartworm disease is spread by mosquitoes that can be found in every mainland state of Australia
* You may not realise your dog has been infected until damage has been done, and if left untreated it can be fatal _ so it's important to protect against this disease

* NEXGARD SPECTRA protects your dog from common roundworm, hookworm and whipworm species ( If you live in a rural area, you may also need to protect against hydatid tapeworm.) Ask your vet about deworming requirements in your area.
* Dogs may be able to cope with the effects of a few parasitic worms, but in high numbers they can rob your dog of important nutrients and cause their health to suffer
* Protecting against worms helps keep your dog healthy