Mars Brushes, Mars Stripping Knives, Nail Clippers & Combs

Mars Bent Pin Brush

CODE: 99M-363

Mars Bent Pin Brush - Slicker type brush with protected tips on pins to prevent scratching on the skin.

Porcupine brush Prestige



Mars Flexi King Soft Brush

CODE: 99M-2000/1


Mars Pin Brush Large

CODE: 99M-360

Mars Pin Brush Large

Mars Pin Brush Medium

CODE: 99M-358

Mars Pin Brush Medium

Mars Pin Brush Small

CODE: 99M-359

Mars Pin Brush Small - Wooden handle with stainless steel pins


CODE: 33-8260


thinning knife

Mars Stripping Knife - 324 Sharp Tooth

CODE: 99M-324

Mars Stripping Knife - Sharp Tooth 324

Mars Stripping Knife - 329 Coarse Slant Tooth

CODE: 99M-329

Mars Stripping Knife - Coarse Slant Tooth 329

Mars Stripping Knife -Fine Slant Tooth

CODE: 99M-430