Mars Brushes, Mars Stripping Knives, Nail Clippers & Combs

Mars Bent Pin Brush

CODE: 99M-363

Mars Bent Pin Brush - Slicker type brush with protected tips on pins to prevent scratching on the skin.

Porcupine brush Prestige



Mars Flexi King Soft Brush

CODE: 99M-2000/1



CODE: MK6-307


MIKKI SOFT PIN SLICKER BRUSH for fine/medium coats. the Mikki Soft Pin Slicker is one of the most effective ways of removing dead hairs from undercoat and topcoat. Ideal for medium and long coated dogs.


Mars Pin Brush Large

CODE: 99M-360

Mars Pin Brush Large

Mars Pin Brush Medium

CODE: 99M-358

Mars Pin Brush Medium

Mars Pin Brush Small

CODE: 99M-359

Mars Pin Brush Small - Wooden handle with stainless steel pins

Mars Stripping Knife - 324 Sharp Tooth

CODE: 99M-324

Mars Stripping Knife - Sharp Tooth 324

Mars Stripping Knife - 326 Short Slant Tooth

CODE: 99M-326

Mars Stripping Knife - Short Slant Tooth 326

Mars Stripping Knife - 329 Coarse Slant Tooth

CODE: 99M-329

Mars Stripping Knife - Coarse Slant Tooth 329