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ProGroom FurEx Step 1 Cleanse 500ml

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ProGroom FurEx Step 1 Cleanse 500ml
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Product Information


Fur-Ex is an advanced 3-point system specifically formulated to assist in the removal of collected undercoat of double-coated dog breeds after the bath.



For best results, always use all three of the FurEx system products. The ProGroom FurEx system has been designed to work together to greatly reduce the time and effort of removing collected undercoat. No pre-bath brushing is necessary with ProGroom FurEx system. Used as directed, this system eliminates the need to pre-groom heavy undercoated dogs before the bath. Let our products do the job and use a forced air dryer to do the hard work.



STEP ONE: CLEANSE - is a deeply penetrating yet gentle shampoo designed to cleanse and neutralize the ionic charge within the coat and remove all dirt, odour, and excess sebum. This prepares the coat for loose hair removal and begins the deshedding process.


STEP TWO: RELEASE -Release contains Protein ingredients which fill in damaged or rough areas of hair cuticle making a smooth surface that permits easy release of loose coat. Advanced silicone ingredients provide slip and allow dead coat to slide out with little or no force.

STEP THREE: CLOSE - Close is a mildly acidic silicone conditioning spray further seals the hair cuticle and promotes maximum release of tangled and collected hair within the coat. Spray application allows the groomer to adjust the amount of product applied to different areas of the coat as needed.


Bathing Tips: On badly packed coats, consider using forced air dryer to push suds through the coat.

When bathing twice, use a more diluted (10:1) shampoo solution for the first bath to help thoroughly wet a thick coat and follow with a less diluted (4:1) shampoo solution for thorough cleaning.

Force Drying Tips: Use a cone nozzle or a small flat nozzle, or towel thoroughly to remove excess water before applying ProGroom FurEx Close spray.

Best results are achieved by being systematic and thoroughly drying each area before moving to the next. Dry front to back, top to bottom. The greatest hair release will occur as the coat in any given area is thoroughly dry. The Close Spray will work as it dries.To encourage the release of coat, gently wave the nozzle of your dryer from side to side 3-4 inches.


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