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Seresto dog over 8kg

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Seresto dog over 8kg
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Product Information

Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for dogs over 8kg 

Fleas treatment and prevention for up to 8 months and Tick control for up to 4 months and it's odourless.

New to the Advantage family by Bayer. Seresto will treat and prevent flea infestation by killing adult fleas on your pet and flea larvae in their surroundings for up to 8 months.

In dogs, Seresto also kills adult ticks, including the deadly paralysis tick as well as brown dog and bush ticks for 4 months. Seresto also kills juvenile stages (larvae and nymphs) of brown dog ticks.

You don't need to remove Seresto when you give your pet a bath or if they get wet. This is because :- 1) the innovative polymer matrix formulation shields actives from unwanted release and washing off, 2) actives localise within the lipid layer of your pet's skin and coat, which minimises their loss with wetting. If some of the actives are lost, with frequent shampooing or water immersion, the collar will quickly replenish levels in your pets skin and coat. 

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