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I thought you might be interested in before and after pictures of my cocker spaniel, Meg. She was three years old when I got her and had been clipped all of her life. Her coat was pale, curly and full of undercoat. I've never had a long coated dog before, so never groomed in my life! I was determined that she would look like a cocker, not some indiscriminate breed, so set about stripping the coat with the mars coat king and growing her coat out. Two years later, the coat is much richer and sits flat. Unfortunately, all the years of clipping have impacted how the coat grows, so I have to strategically clip the front legs to get the short front and use a comb over the blades to take the curling ends off her back. The improvement in the coat is due to the mars coat king removing years of undercoat build up. Even though her coat is much longer now, she rarely knots - that's not because I brush daily (I generally brush once a week!), it's because the soft undercoat is removed and that's what knots and mats.

The other is my westie Max. He has always been groomed with the mars coat king, it's the only tool used on his back and sides. As you can see his coat is lovely and tight.

I groom every 4-6 weeks, depending on when they start to look fluffy. The mars coat king removes about a shopping bag full of coat each session. It's Max's favourite part of the groom.