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Blade Wahl #30 - 0.8mm Cut

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Blade Wahl #30 - 0.8mm Cut
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Product Information

Wahl #30 Blade 0.8mm Cut

Wahl’s Competition Series blade sets provide an amazingly smooth, show quality cut. These blades have every characteristic a professional looks for in a USA quality manufactured blade, such as having a hexavalent chrome finish for superior rust and corrosion protection that prolongs blade life.

Fine Tooth Blades give a finer finished look to the coat. These are best used on fine and soft coats, for example any fluffy breeds. The final clip will be very even looking and really smooth. Fine tooth blades are distinguished by the letter “F” after the number, for example 3F, 4F, 7F. These blades will work beautifully for dogs whose coats are regularly clipped and/or brushed. However, they will not work on a dog who is matted or very think undercoat near the skin, as the coat is just too thick for the blade to cut through. The #30 Competition Blade cuts at 0.8mm.

This blade set fits all Wahl, Oster & Andis Detachable Style Clippers.

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