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Heiniger Opal 2 Speed Cordless Clipper
Heiniger Opal 2 Speed Cordless Clipper

$560.00 Qty:


  • Powerful 2-speed motor ( 2600 & 3100 dbs/minute)
  • Whisper Quiet (59 decibels)
  • 240 min runtime (180 min on high speed)
  • Only 60 min charge time
  • Convenient battery level indicator
  • Lightweight (415g) and more ergonomic
  • Takes all A5 type snap on blades.
  • Comes with a size 10 blade, battery, charger, oil, brush, and user manual.
  • Clipper sold with full 12 months warranty.
  • 240 Volts and AU Plug.
  • 204L x 43W x 35H 



Heiniger Saphir Style Cordless clipper
Heiniger Saphir Style Cordless clipper

$425.00 Qty:

Saphir STYLE

The versatile A5 dog clippers that can clip, trim & groom just about anything!

  • Lightweight, cordless and quiet
  • Ideal for horse trimming
  • Powerful 35W permanent magnet motor
  • Comes with 1 x 1.4AH battery
  • Powerful 2650 dbs/minute
  • Compatible with A5 blades from Andis, Oster and Wahl

Heiniger Saphir dog clippers come complete with #10 A5 blade set


Heiniger SaphirCord Electric Clipper
Heiniger SaphirCord Electric Clipper

$355.00 Qty:


Suitable for the toughest tasks!

  • Long 3 metre cord
  • Powerful at 3200 dbs/minute
  • Lightweight and quiet
  • Complete with #10 A5 blade set
  • Compatible with blades from Andis, Moser, Oster and Wahl

Heiniger Saphircord dog clippers come complete with #10 A5 blade set



$539.00 Qty:

Oster Pro 3000i Cordless Clipper. The Pro3000i a powerful rechargeable clipper designed for heavy-duty continuous use. The clipper features a high-speed quiet rotary motor. Lightweight with an ergonomic design and features a lithium-ion battery, which provides two hours clipping time from a single charge.

Key Features:

  • Designed for all day, heavy duty use
  • Powerful, single rotary motor
  • This high performance quiet running motor generates 3,000 strokes per minute.
  • Power and balance yet only a low weight ergonomic design.
  • The Pro3000i is ideal for full and detailed clipping, and is compatible with all A5 detachable blades

Lithium Ion Technology:

  • Up to 2 hrs operation with a single charge Longest run time based on our competitive overview
  • Minimum charging loss and efficient current transfer
  • No “memory effect” allowing it to be charged at any time.
  • Reduces the number of charges required and losses during operating intervals
No blade set included with the Pro3000i

“As a groomer of over 2 decades, I’ve certainly used various corded and cordless clippers over the years. I like the freedom of cordless clippers, but need to have the same power that the corded clippers produce. I have found in the past other brands of cordless clippers have lacked the stamina. I am so impressed with the power of the Oster Pro3000i that I have now put away my corded clippers as I find the motor in these great cordless clippers is now all I need. The clipper itself is very easy to handle and the performance speaks for itself. The clipper feels very comfortable in the hand, and what really impresses me is the run time. The fact that the clipper does not lose power when the battery is low, rather it simply shuts itself off is a plus also. Quick enough to charge, and easy to handle. The Oster Pro3000i are the perfect piece of equipment for every groomer’s toolbox. Love my Oster Pro3000i they are my “Go to” clippers.” Vanessa Parsons - Country Canines Grooming & Clipping Salon, QLD

For performance and reliability in my profession I need tools I can trust with confidence to deliver. The Oster 3000i ticks all my needs. It’s weight to sit lightly in my hand, it’s battery life for time saving, it’s durability for reassurance of job completion are a couple of advantages of this great Clipper. Helen Forester, K9 STYLE Dog Grooming & Groomer Training, W.A

Very excited to be able to add another Oster 3000i cordless clipper to our team of wonderful groomers in my salon. When my salon changed from corded clippers to cordless i was excited to offer my staff the opportunity to make work enjoyable and not having to worry about the dangers of leads around the table, dogs and other tools. The 3000i was my choice of clipper after trailing a few different cordless as we found they were super fast, more Comfortable in our hands had faster recharge time and longer lasting running time. I have been using this work horse for over 3 years in my salon and proud to say we still love them as much as the first day they arrived. Sharon Hall, Snuggle Pup & Pooch, NSW



$30.94 Qty:

The perfect touch up trimmer

  • Ideal for faces, ears and paws
  • Ultra lightweight and ergonomic
  • Easy - to - grip handle
  • Powerful rotary motor
  • Guaranteed to out perform any other trimmer in its class
  • Battery operated - requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)


Wahl Bravura Lithium Clipper
Wahl Bravura Lithium Clipper

$225.01 Qty:

The Wahl's Bravura Lithium Clipper combines the power and durability of Lithium Ion with the adjustable 5-in-1 blade to give professionals everything they need in a lightweight cordless clipper.


Key Features


  • 5 in 1 Blade: The 5-in-1 adjustable blade set gives you blade sizes #9, #10, #15, #30 & #40 cutting lengths, all in one blade!
  • Lithium Ion Technology: The powerful Lithium Ion Battery in this clipper gives it up to 90 minutes cordless operation off 60 minute charge with cord/cordless capabilities.
  • Chip Control: The powerful motor with Chip Control automatically delivers more power and torque to cut through the thickest of coats without bulking down.
  • Ideal for all animals: The Bravura is Ideal for feet, face and trimming finishes on all dog breeds, body clipping on small to medium sized dogs, light body clipping on larger dogs, cats & livestock
Designed with a powerful Rotary Motor boasting 5,500rpm, the Bravura has Chip Control that automatically delivers more power and torque on tough/wiry coats, making it easier to clip without bulking down. Equipped with Constant Speed Control, this clipper is able to maintain the same speed for the entirety of the charge life in the battery while in use, making it a truly durable clipper. The Bravura's Lithium Ion Battery has no-memory effect and can be used corded as well  in times of need. There is a smart LCD indicator at the base of the clipper, allowing you to keep track of the battery life. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, the Bravura is lightweight and balanced for increased wrist, elbow and shoulder comfort.

Ideal for feet, face and trimming finishes on all dog breeds, body clipping on small to medium sized dogs, light body clipping on larger dogs, cat grooming, trimming livestock and horses’ bridle path, ears, muzzle and fetlocks.

Kit Includes: Bravura Lithium Clipper, adjustable 5-in-1 Blade Set, stylish stand, six guide combs (#1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #8), charger, cleaning brush, blade oil.

Make your clipper last:
Help maintain the longevity of your clipper by using the cleaning brush provided and regularly oiling the blades with Wahl Clipper Oil. Additionally, make sure the animal is clean before clipping, as this will give you a better cutting experience and ensure durability of the blades.


$9.90 Qty:

WAHL CLIPPER OIL - directions - place 2 to 3 drops of oil between blades frequently - this will lubricate the blade to reduce friction.

WAHL KM CORDLESS with 2020 Summer bonus- OUT OF STOCK
WAHL KM CORDLESS with 2020 Summer bonus- OUT OF STOCK

$420.00 Qty:

KM Cordless 2 Speed Animal Clipper - The Cordless version of the KM10 -  Kit Includes KM Cordless Clipper, Wahl #10 Ultimate Blade, 10 foot Heavy Duty Charging Cord, LED Battery Indicator Light, Clipper Oil, Cleaning Brush

SUMMER 2020 BONUS - Ultimate 30 blade, Magnetic Blade Organizer, Detachable guide comb set and a Large Wooden Case. Bonus total value of $273.85

BENEFITS :- Complete Comfort - designed for all day use - Runs cool to finish your clip, Balanced & low vibration to prevent wrist fatigue

Dependable Power - Constant Speed Control automatically adjusts speed and torque for optimal performance on tough coats, 2 Speed Settings: 3,000 and 3,70 SPM

Detachable blade - Includes Wahl #10 Ultimate Blade, Can be used with all Competition and Ultimate Series blades

Infinite run time - 2 Hour run time, 60 Minutes charge time, Cor/Cordless capabilities, Quick Charge: 10 minutes of charge for 15 minutes of run time

Longer life - Brushless motor, Lithium Ion Battery

Wahl KM10 Clipper OUT OF STOCK TILL 2021
Wahl KM10 Clipper OUT OF STOCK TILL 2021

$346.50 Qty:

KM10  Clipper

Wahl KM2 Professional
Wahl KM2 Professional

$199.99 Qty:

100 Years of innovation in the palm of your hand…


The KM2 Clipper comes equipped with a powerful 45w Rotary Motor that is fan cooled to ensure performance and longevity.


Key Features


  • Ultimate Blade Set: Our #10 Medium Ultimate Competition Series Blade features a 1.8mm (1/16”) cutting length to provide a smooth cut and show quality finish
  • Rotary Motor: 2 speed 45w rotary motor designed to increase power and torque. The motor is also fan cooled to ensure cooler operation and longevity
  • Ergonomic & Lightweight: This clipper is ergonomically designed and light in weight to increase comfort and control. It is correctly balanced with low vibration levels
  • Ideal for all pets: The KM2 is ideal for full body clipping and trimming ears, faces, fetlocks, and bridle paths


Wahl Pet Pocket Trimmer
Wahl Pet Pocket Trimmer

$27.50 Qty:

Compact and battery-operated, making it a tack box essential for trimming on the go!


It is the perfect size to store in a pocket when going stall to stall or prepping for a show, ensuring your animal always looks its best when it matters most.


Key Features


  • Small, lightweight trimmer can be completely concealed in the palm of your hand for quick touch-ups on anxious animals
  • Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, so you have complete control
  • Perfect size to store in a pocket!
  • Ideal for getting those small, hard-to-reach areas


Wahl Show Pro
Wahl Show Pro

$95.00 Qty:
Wahl Show Pro
X3K Cordless Pet Grooming Clipper - 2 battery packs
X3K Cordless Pet Grooming Clipper - 2 battery packs

$429.00 Qty:


The X3K clipper. X is for wow X-Factor! 3K is for 3000 strokes per minute! Priced to make you smile today and well into the future.

Sure to fill the gap in your cordless clipping requirements. With a battery life of up to 4 hours and coupled with 3000 strokes per minute, ensures you get through all your jobs, big and small, with utmost confidence.

The X3K has been tested, here in Melbourne, before release, by groomers, for groomers, on dogs and horses and hasn't missed a beat!

The X3K Cordless Clipper is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand and weighs 434gms (with battery and #10 Blade).

It has a high performance quiet running motor which generates 3000 strokes per minute

Charging time for clipper with battery - approx. 5 hours, Charging time battery only in second port, fast charge 2.5 hours & up to 4.5 hours operation with a single charge.

NOTE: Both ports can be used at the same time for charging (unlike our competitors)

Compatible with all A5 detachable blades including Diamond Cut, Andis, Geib, Oster, Wahl & Heiniger

Ideal for grooming horses and dogs.


  • X3K Cordless Clipper
  • Diamond Cut #10 A5 Style Detachable Blade
  • 2 x Li-ion 7.4V Batteries
  • Charging Station with power supply
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Oil