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ProGroom Easy Rinse Conditioner 5LITRE

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ProGroom Easy Rinse Conditioner 5LITRE
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Product Information

Fast Rinse and Rapid Results

Save time with ProGroom’s brand new Easy Rinse Conditioner which provides faster rinsing and drying time and leaves your pet smelling fresh for longer!

Easy Rinse hydrates and moisturizes the coat with aloe-vera and ultra emollients, leaving it healthy and shiny.

Dilution rate:-

Ultra- concentrate = 15:1 for normal coats up to 40:1 for light conditioning

Can be used as a leave in at dilution rate of 40:1 or 50:1 (scissor spray)

With an ultra concentrated, easy flow formula, Easy Rinse is ideal for hydrobaths and automatic dog washes and is specifically designed to compliment ProGroom’s Everyday Shampoo.



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